Adriaan Basson was an articled CA before leaving the comfort of a Big Four accounting firm to start his own practice., Wingman Accounting. That was four years ago. Today he has nearly 100 clients and employs seven staff. And that’s after firing 20 clients who didn’t fit his business model.

Speaking at Future Practice seminar this week at The Venue in Pretoria (sponsored by SA Institute of Business Accountants and Receipt Bank), Basson outlined what the future accounting practice looks like.

Adriaan Basson, founder of Wingman Accounting, outlines what the future accounting practice will look like

He should know because he built one from scratch.

First of all, virtually everything is automated and resides in the cloud. “We see ourselves as a tech business that provides accounting services,” said Basson. “Most accountants struggle to increase revenue because they sell time. Tech firms, such as ours, sell subscriptions.” Read more on Accountint Weekly.