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"Doing good is the reason we exist"

We believe in an open access model to the accounting profession. We therefore oppose any form of oppression or exclusion from resources, statutory recognition, or access to jobs.

We believe

"History is not what it seems and nothing is final or concluded. For this reason, we regard ourselves as being revisionists."


"No one is born with a right to privilege. Human beings are born with rights and progress through study and experience"


"Following a process must lead to progress in the right direction, which in turn will lead to an amazing result. Only pitching up for work is not what we do."


"We believe that training should not be delivered for the sake of training but to deliver an ROI for the client."


"We play to win - world domination is not just for those with super-powers. We can take over the world, one member at a time."


"Relationships matter - we work with human beings and not random atoms, therefore we care."


"Stand on the shoulders of giants: learn from others, improve your talents and repeat your efforts."


Improve Your Chances

We promise to provide you with the tools you might need to improve your chances of making it big and provide for your family, whether as junior bookkeeper, accountant, financial manager, financial director or accountant in practice.

We will continuously engage with government, employers, legislators, and SMEs to explain and demonstrate the value of SAIBA’s training certificates and designations with the aim of influencing them in a way that will give you more job opportunities.

"We will help you stand a little bit taller so you get noticed"

A body for members

SAIBA is a voluntary accounting membership body registered as a Non-Profit Company in terms of the South Africa Companies Act, 2008, with more than 9 000 members.

Members fall into membership tiers, according to experience and qualifications.

By joining our community of accounting professionals, members take the first step towards advancing their careers.

SAIBA offers members accessible and recognisable designations that deliver opportunity.

More than fifty percent of our members are employed in business, the public sector or academia. The remainder manage their own accountancy practices within the private sector.

We are a proudly South African Institute that subscribes to the values incorporated in the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Members and potential members are treated as individuals with unique needs, values, interests and career goals.

"We are here to help them reach these important career goals."

We help accountants help clients run better business.

We do this by developing people to become successful accountants by awarding designations of the highest quality that give relevance, credibility, and income potential.

SAIBA was established in 1987 as one of many professional bodies within the accounting sector. SAIBA members were granted accounting officer status on 7 July 1996. Accreditation was also granted to the Institute in terms of the Namibian Close Corporations Act, 1988, on 13 June 2006. The Institute is registered as a Non-Profit Company (NPC) under the South African Companies Act, 71 of 2008. SAIBA members that have obtained the right to use a SAIBA designation have voting rights at the SAIBA Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the Board is elected.

In 2010 the executive team implemented a new strategy that repositioned SAIBA as an open professional body. This initiative had the potential of changing the face of the profession to be more inclusive and representative. As an open professional body SAIBA endeavoured to fundamentally change the way aspiring accountants accessed the profession. In 2015 SAIBA appointed a new board that is taking the body to its next stage.

You Deserve to be Called an Accountant

“We believe that with the right exposure, commitment, support, and ability – anyone can be an accountant.”

So we remove all the nonsense and fluff from traditional entry requirements and allow you to show us what you are made of.

If you can pass our assessment process, and maintain your professionalism, then you deserve the right to be called an accountant.

By combining your hard work and potential with our knowledge and expertise, we can assist in fast tracking and future proofing your career.

SAIBA’s purpose is to develop a community of successful accounting professionals who excel in their career goals.

To achieve our purpose, we focus on three core functions:

“JOIN - Building a community.”

“EARN - Offering reliable and relevant designations.”

“SHARE - Mutual Benefits with members, their clients and society.”

SAIBA – a movement is born

In 1987, a new professional accountancy association is formed to provide a home for accountants focused on improving business performance as opposed to accountants that are just IFRS specialists.

The association is called the Southern African Institute for Business Accountants (SAIBA).

“In 1990 SAIBA obtains accounting officer status in South African and Namibia.”

In 2013, SAIBA adopts a new business model that follows a bottom-up approach to the development of accountants.

“The old theoretical model based on 7 years of study to be called an accountant is outdated as it cannot keep up with the explosion of information. Just by studying for many years does not mean you know how business works and should not be used as the measure of whether you are a specialist.”

SAIBA's New Business Model

The new business model recognises an accountant’s current competencies and based on their experience awards a designation.

“In real life all of us start of as junior bookkeepers and develop new skills and knowledge as we learn on-the-job and study further.”

SAIBA’s assessments and courses are designed to give recognitions, and award designations to this evolutionary professionalisation process.  This new model allows SAIBA to deliver thousands of new accountants to the South African market that are work ready and accessible to small, medium and large businesses alike.

In 2016 SAIBA joins the International Association of Finance Executive Institutes (IAFEI) and registers the first ever world-wide designation for CFOs – the Certified Financial Officer (SA) or CFO(SA) in short.

In 2017 SAIBA launches its publications: www.accountingweekly.com, www.cfotalks.com, and www.bandareview.com.

In 2018, SAIBA is registered as a professional body with the South African Qualifications Authority in terms of the National Qualifications Framework Act, 67 of 2008.

Specialised Licenses for Accountants

Also in 2018 SAIBA starts developing specialised licenses that allows general accountant members to obtain recognition as specialists in regulated and semi-regulated areas of accountancy, such as Independent review and Business Rescue, making them the only professional accounting association that allows for specialisation after having earned a general designation.  This model safe guards the public interest by ensuring only qualified accountants are allowed to perform specialist work whilst maintaining the market share of general accountants and keeping prices low for SMEs.

In 2019 SAIBA establishes www.saiba.academy to become the centralised platform for all SAIBA exams, courses and CPD’s grouped under:

  • Qualify: For aspiring accountants that have a commerce degree and relevant experience but lack the critical subject to be awarded the designation BAP(SA). These subjects are: Accounting, Auditing, Tax, Management accounting, and Commercial law.
  • Maintain: For general accountants that require CPD hours and need monthly updates on all changes in law or standards affecting them in the world of commerce or practice.
  • Specialise: For general accountants that wants to add some spice to their practice by branching out into an area of specialisation such as independent review or business rescue.
  • CFO: For CFOs, FD, and Finance Executives that require higher level critical thinking to equip them to be high performance CFOs.

In 2020 SAIBA commences talks with the Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (IRBA) with the view of creating an alternative route to qualifying as a Registered Auditor.  This will allow for smaller company audit standards that could be serviced by small company auditors, with the ultimate aim of reducing the compliance burden for auditors that provide services to non-public interest companies.

Telephone and email

Tel: 0126431800

Email: saiba@saiba.org.za

Physical address

South Africa - Pretoria:

The Workspace

Cnr Pinaster Avenue & 18th Street

The Club Shopping Centre



South Africa - Johannesburg (HQ):

The Workspace

Melrose Arch

44 Melrose Boulevard



Namibia - Windhoek:

Regus Office Building

3rd Floor

Maerua Mall


Philipines: Makati City

FINEX Office

Unit 1901, 19/F

139 Corporate Center Valero Street

Salcedo Village

Makati City