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How to Supercharge your Advisory Services with Fathom

Written by: Matt Lowry, Head of Operations (EMEA) at Fathom  How many of you went into your accounting qualifications wanting to file paperwork?  Probably none of you.  Most accountants I have spoken to are passionate about helping small businesses thrive, as they can make a real difference in helping them with their key metrics and […]

How to calculate VAT on services provided to foreign clients

Background A South African VAT vendor levies VAT at the standard rate to a foreign entity. The charges should be zero-rated. Questions When may VAT at the standard rate be levied on the export of services to a foreign client who doesn’t have a branch in South Africa? How do we remedy the situation? The […]

How to handle the transition back to the office

Companies across South Africa are rapidly demanding a return to work of all employees, often with very little time provided for the transition. And while there is a case to be made from the company’s point of view of getting all hands physically on deck again after the great office exodus of 2020, leaders should […]

How to get noticed by recruiters when looking for a new accounting job

We spoke to Angie Le Roux from Kontak Recruitment, about what she looks for when trying to fill positions.   1. Learn to Love LinkedIn   “Having a good LinkedIn profile definitely helps,” says Le Roux. “I do a lot of my sourcing on LinkedIn.” She isn’t alone. A study published in the South African Journal of Human […]

How to cope with the financial anxiety that comes with running your own business

Barry Au, director and audit specialist Wisteria Accountants  Up to one in 20 people suffer from generalised anxiety disorder. Amidst economic uncertainty and inflation, more and more business owners are suffering from financial anxiety.  The pressures to stay afloat and drive businesses forward is high, and that’s causing financial-related stress. To celebrate Stress Awareness Month […]

How to calculate the VAT-liabilities of your SME clients

By Chwayita Deliwe, Director at CN Outsourced Finance  Any small business owner will know that fully understanding Value Added Tax (VAT), can be a daunting, yet critical task if they want to take their business successfully to the next level.    In this article, we take you through the basics of VAT; how it applies to your business, […]

How to target millennial clients

Memes and myths about millennials’ financial troubles should not discourage accountants from targeting the generation who are now in their late twenties and early thirties and who are soon to be the highest earning generational group.  Born before Generation Z and after Generation X, millennials are also known as Generation Y and came of age […]

How to register a trust via e-Filing

SARS has launched an online functionality for the registration of Trusts for Income Tax purposes via the SARS Online Query System (SOQS) on this website. Trustees, representative taxpayers, and registered representatives can now not only register a trust for income tax purposes, but also submit any supporting documents online. In simplifying this process, SARS has […]

How to treat VAT related to educational services supplied by educational institutions and private education suppliers

Background A client provides music training to students at a school. The fees generated are approaching R1 million per annum. Question Are these services subject to VAT? The VAT Act Section 7(1)(a) of the VAT Act imposes VAT on the supply of goods or services made by a vendor in the course or furtherance of […]

How to claim tax back for employing young people – the Employee Tax Incentive explained

65.5% of South Africa’s youth are currently unemployed, a figure that has increased since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  That’s why finance minister Enoch Godongwana announced that Employee Tax Incentive will increase to R1500 per month for the first year, and R750 per month for the second year, in his recent delivery of South […]