How to become an expert in climate and sustainability reporting

Accountants are increasingly expected to report on aspects not part of a traditionally annual report. We unpack what ESG is and how it could affect you.  1.What is ESG reporting?  Environmental, social, and governance reporting tries to capture costs and benefits that don’t make it into traditional annual reports.   Although not standardised, these could include […]

How to become an accounting superstar like Awonke Dyantyi

BAP(SA) designation holder Awonke Dyantyi was just named as one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting in the world! Awonke is an accounting influencer who creates and publishes engaging educational videos for her audiences on LinkedIn and Tik Tok.   “The influencer Industry was valued at about 14 billion dollars in 2021 and it’s been […]

How to join SAIBA’s accounting army to rebuild our economy  

If you calculate all the transactions that accountants capture in a set of financial statements it comes to $96 trillion.  $96 trillion – that is the annual world GDP and all of it flows through an accountant into financial statements.  That makes you part of an amazing profession. You made a great career choice.  Have a look […]

How to avoid becoming a statistic of SARS’ battle against illegal tax practitioners

SARS has once again stressed their intention to eliminate individuals who are not yet registered as Tax Practitioners. You can read more about this here.   As noted in section 234(c) of the Tax Administration Act “A person who willfully and without just cause, fails or neglects to register as a tax practitioner under section 240 is […]

How to remain CPD compliant in 2022

It has been widely recognised that qualifications need to be supported by life-long learning. Working professionals need to regularly acquire new skills and knowledge to advance their careers.   Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is highly beneficial and non-negotiable in fields such as accounting and taxation.  SAIBA members are required in terms of international best practices, SARS, local […]

How to Earn More by Being a SAIBA Member

On 2 February 2022, Dr Motsoaledi, Minister of Home Affairs, signed the new Critical Skills List. This list determines the skills or qualifications that are critical for South Africa’s economic growth. The list is used to determine which skills are in short supply and must be supplemented by skilled foreign workers.  The critical skills identified relevant […]

How to become a tax master

Did you know that with SAIBA’s Tax Knowledge Centre, you have as much knowledge as one of the big four accounting firms at your fingertips? This puts you at the cutting-edge of the tax world. Here’s how you can go about maximising this advantage to grow your private practice or to impress your superiors and […]

Why SAIBA designation holders earn more

A SAIBA designation distinguishes you from the rest as a recognised accountant. A designation holder is  someone who  demonstrates professionalism, ethical conduct and lifelong learning. Each designation is designed to fit the needs of the specific finance department.  Here is how you can earn more with a SAIBA designation: Apply for a SAIBA designation – […]

How do you know whether you are earning the right salary

Having a designation sets you apart from other accountants, that is why you earn more.   Are you a SAIBA designation holder?   Do you want to know how much you should be getting paid?   Here are three steps on how to see how much you should be earning:  Identify which designation and years of experience you […]

How to become a Business Rescue Specialist

Covid-19 has left many businesses fighting for their survival. In the midst of an economic downturn, there is now an increased need for business rescue practitioners.    If you are unsure what to specialise in, here is your answer: become a business rescue practitioner. Create opportunity for yourself, while having a meaningful impact on struggling businesses.   […]