Daily Archive: December 7, 2021
How to update your APL

Regulators (National Treasury, Department of Trade and Industry, SAQA, IRBA, SARS) have been requested by Parliament to implement new regulations to clamp down on unprofessional conduct by accountants and auditors.    This means that all SAIBA BAP(SA) designation holders are required to complete the Annual Practice License Assessment to continue practicing as an accountant.   Here is […]

How to use the SAIBA ISAR award to impress your clients?

SAIBA, in collaboration with Draftworx, has recently been awarded the ISAR (International Standards of Accounting and Reporting) Award by the UN.   With this award SAIBA designation holders are now Chief Value Officers. That means that you provide your clients with value reporting, giving them a holistic report on sustainable business practices.   Now you can say […]

How to save money with your SAIBA membership

SAIBA is always looking to create opportunity for our members, this means that all the membership packages are worth more than what they cost.   SAIBA also offers a range of discounted or free resources each year by running specials and discounts.   Here are ways on how you can save money with your SAIBA membership :   […]

How to practice tax in South Africa

Did you know that SARS recognises SAIBA as a controlling body?   SAIBA was awarded the status of RCB in terms of Section 240A(2) of the Tax Administration Act on 27 May 2021 by Sars.   This means that you or any SAIBA designation holder can become a tax practitioner.   Specialising is one of the best ways […]