How to become a tax master

Did you know that with SAIBA’s Tax Knowledge Centre, you have as much knowledge as one of the big four accounting firms at your fingertips? This puts you at the cutting-edge of the tax world. Here’s how you can go about maximising this advantage to grow your private practice or to impress your superiors and gain that promotion you’ve been after!

  1. Earn the SAIBA License that distinguishes you as a Licensed Tax Practitioner. The License is built on competence, ethics, and professional tax standards and provides powerful support to accountants in practice. Click here to learn more and to apply.
  2. As a Licensed Tax Practitioner you’ll get access to the entire database of tax knowledge from Konsise as one of your unique SAIBA member benefits. Konsise contains expert tax knowledge on thousands of tax related topics to help make tax management simpler and faster.
  3. Once you have signed up and paid your fees, login to Konsise and type in your tax question and find the result that is most relevant to your problem. It’s as simple as that!

Other ways you can up your tax game with SAIBA include:

  1. Crowd source knowledge and answers to tax-related queries and stay abreast of the latest SARS updates by joining one of our regional WhatsApp groups.
  2. Visit our Practice Support Toolkit, available to all members, where you’ll be able to access thousands of resources – not just limited to tax, but covering a wide array of topics ranging from audits to financial reporting.
  3. Don’t forget about the SAIBA and Mazars Alliance! Thanks to this partnership, you never have to turn away clients, no matter how complex their tax problem might be. Learn more about the alliance here.

If you have any questions about how you can go about gaining your Tax Licence or accessing any of our support services, you can speak to a SAIBA membership consultant by calling +27 (0)12 643 1800. Alternatively, pop us a DM on Facebook or LinkedIn and we’ll get back to you.