How to earn a fee from verifying Business Visas

SAIBA is exclusively recognised by the Department of Home Affairs to verify certain information provided by applicants for Business Visas. If someone from another country wants to establish a business or invest in a business in South Africa, they need a Business Visa. They can only get a Business Visa if you issue a certificate confirming their available cash to invest. 

Here is how you can earn more with a SAIBA license in Business Visas:

  1. Apply for a BAP(SA) designation.
  2. Obtain the SAIBA License in Business Visas.
  3. Commit to our CPD program.
  4. Contact immigration consultants and enter into a JV. 
  5. Perform a SAIBA factual findings engagement and charge a fee.

SAIBA is accepting of all accounting and finance professionals and has endless resources that members can use to upskill themselves, earn designation and climb the corporate ladder. If you are not a SAIBA member, you can click here to join.