How to Earn More by Being a SAIBA Member

On 2 February 2022, Dr Motsoaledi, Minister of Home Affairs, signed the new Critical Skills List. This list determines the skills or qualifications that are critical for South Africa’s economic growth. The list is used to determine which skills are in short supply and must be supplemented by skilled foreign workers. 

The critical skills identified relevant to SAIBA and the accounting profession are:

  1. Tax professional – BAP(SA) with a tax license,
  2. Business advisor – BAP(SA) or CBA(SA) with a license in business advisory,
  3. Financial director – CFO(SA), 
  4. Financial manager – CBA(SA), 
  5. Corporate treasurer – CBA(SA), 
  6. Forensic accountant – BAP(SA) or CBA(SA) with a license in forensic accounting.

How to earn more?

  1. Join SAIBA.
  2. Apply for one of our 4 designations. Choose the one that best fits the critical skills that you possess. 
  3. Commit to our CPD program
  4. Include in your CV that you possess critical skills and have a SAIBA designation to prove this. 
  5. Demand a higher salary as you are critical to South Africa’s economy.

SAIBA is accepting of all accounting and finance professionals and has endless resources that members can use to upskill themselves, earn designation and climb the corporate ladder. If you are not a SAIBA member, you can click here to join.