How to grow your business by assisting NPOs

SAIBA together with our associate organisations SACONO, SANGOCO, DMRN, PATIENT USER NETWORK, SANPOF and NANPOF which forms the Alliance of NPO Networks (ANNET), hosted World NGO Day and discussed the sector and how to develop new ways of doing business.

World NGO Day is Celebrated in more than 86 countries and over six continents. More than 200 000 South African NPOs came together online on the 27th of February to share their knowledge and experiences with one another.

What was the event about?

We met with various prominent leaders from NGOs across the world, and partook in discussions around awareness, material support, volunteering and connecting NGOs with the professionals they need to ensure that their mandates are met. Accountants are essential to ensuring NGO-compliance. NPOs are non-compliant when they don’t keep accounting records, prepare financial statements, or don’t file their annual returns with the NPO Directorate.

How can you get involved to make a difference, while growing your business?

  1. Join SAIBA’s NPO Alliance. SAIBA started the NPO Alliance with the Department of Social Development in 2015 when we entered into an MoU with the DSD to facilitate various support programmes, including volunteer accounting and tax work. The purpose is to offer our members as volunteers to assist non-compliant NPOs with getting compliant. If you want to get involved with NPO Assist, please click here.
  2. Volunteer your time. We aim to get 1000 members to offer 10 hours of their time to assist NPOs with their accounting and filing requirements with NPO Assist. This equates to 1000 members x 10 hours x R1000 per hour = R10 million value of volunteer work. The project consists of SAIBA members attending the capacity building sessions arranged by the DSD. These sessions are organised and hosted by the DSD nationally in cities, towns, and rural areas. You can volunteer your services through NPO Assist.
  3. Become a Non-Profit Entity Engagement Specialist. As an accountant that specialises in NPOs, Schools, PBOs, Fund-raising, Lotto applications, and NPCs you will be able to set yourself apart with a license that covers the essentials of not-for-profit financial management, including accounting and financial reporting, tax compliance, governance, and assurance. Click here to apply to apply for this specialist license.

Civil society is the backbone of South Africa. Play your part in addressing social ills in our communities, while helping deliver much needed accounting services.