How to use the SAIBA Hero Campaign to market your practice

These are your defining moments. We help you seize them, and make the most of every part of your career journey. SAIBA is the accounting body for everyone. We’re the accounting body for you.

Here is how you can use our new Hero Campaign to showcase your own everyday victories.

  1. Share the SAIBA video onto your social media channels with the following caption:

“I am a proud member of SAIBA – the #1 Professional Body for Accountants. I hold a BAP(SA) / CBA(SA) / BA(SA) / CFO(SA) designation. If you need someone to help grow your business with value-driven accounting, contact me at xxx. #accountinghero

2. Share the SAIBA video with your clients via email with this draft mail:

“Dear Client,

As your professional Accountant, I am proud to remind you that I am a member of SAIBA – the #1 Professional Body for Accountants. hold a BAP(SA) / CBA(SA) / BA(SA) / CFO(SA) designation, which allows me to do your accounting. How can I become part of your everyday milestones, and help you excel on your business journey? Let’s check in and grow your business.


3. Use your phone to film your story about being an every-day accounting hero.

You don’t need fancy software or editing skills. A simple phone video recording in which you share authentically about your accounting experience will speak to your clients’ hearts and minds.

4. Update your LinkedIn profile with details about your own heroic accounting journey.

Make sure you have listed all your skills and experience on your LinkedIn profile. Have you recently acquired a new license or upskilled in other ways? Remember to share all these career milestones on your LinkedIn.

5. Ask your clients for a testimonial describing their experience with you.

Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing by capitalizing on clients who have had positive experiences with you and sharing their review of your services with a wider audience. Share these testimonials along with the hero campaign video on your website. This will build your credibility and instill trust in new or potential clients.

If you aren’t a member of SAIBA yet, join here and become part of the #1 professional body for accountants and finance executives.