How to remain CPD compliant in 2022

It has been widely recognised that qualifications need to be supported by life-long learning. Working professionals need to regularly acquire new skills and knowledge to advance their careers.  

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is highly beneficial and non-negotiable in fields such as accounting and taxation. 

SAIBA members are required in terms of international best practices, SARS, local rules and SAIBA’s CPD policy – that is line with the International Education Standard 7 issued by the IAESB and IFAC – to obtain CPD in the areas in which they provide services to clients and be committed to life-long learning as a mark of professionalism. CPD results in delivering better services by being better equipped to advise on industry developments and legislative changes in the profession. 

Our annual CPD subscriptions make staying compliant a breeze! All you have to do is select the package that is most relevant to you:  

Accountant-in-Practice CPD Sub 2022 

Accountant-in-Practice Plus Tax CPD Sub 2022 

Bookkeepers CPD Subscription 2022 

Quick Update Subscription 2022 

We also offer a special subscription tailored specifically to our Namibian members: 

Namibia CPD Subscription 2022 

(This package is included in your membership fees when you are a Namibian designation holder.) 

For tax professionals we offer the following packages:  

Tax Advisor Sub 2022 

Tax Compiler Sub 2022 

All these plans have Monthly and annual (once-off) payment options.  

Still wondering if you need a package? Here are 10 benefits of SAIBA Academy CPD subscriptions: 

  1. You get great value for money – 1 Ad Hoc Webinar can cost up to R450 per webinar, whereas SAIBA’s CPD subscription with the least CPD events, offers you access to more than 10 topics for only R2,160 per year or R200/month. Instead of paying R4,500 (10 x R450), we have negotiated the discounted subscription price and you save R2,340! This is a huge saving. 
  1. Central certificate repository – Your total recorded CPD is available on your SAIBA Academy profile, making tracking your compliance goals easy! Your CPD certificates are provided after each CPD Webinar via SAIBA Academy. 
  1. You can view and claim your CPD at your convenience.  
  1. You do not have to be available for a webinar, all our CPD events are provided as recordings allowing you to view them according to your schedule.  
  1. You are provided with well-structured plans – we provide tailored CPD plans for everyone. 
  1. We provide professionally recognised CPD points which are all verifiable. 
  1. Our Namibian members get specialised CPD for the Namibian regulatory landscape.  
  1. You get easy and affordable access to CPD that is relevant, updated and accredited. 

SAIBA Academy is the gatekeeper for quality CDP, providing CPD that is:  

1. Selected 

2. Reviewed 

3. Accredited 

4. Discounted 

Want to learn more about our CPD offerings? Head over to SAIBA Academy to read more about how you can learn more and earn more, while staying compliant!