How to avoid becoming a statistic of SARS’ battle against illegal tax practitioners

SARS has once again stressed their intention to eliminate individuals who are not yet registered as Tax Practitioners. You can read more about this here.  

As noted in section 234(c) of the Tax Administration Act “A person who willfully and without just cause, fails or neglects to register as a tax practitioner under section 240 is guilty of an offence and, upon conviction, is subject to a fine or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years.” Yikes!

Here’s how you can remain compliant and continue offering your tax services to clients, stress-free:

  1. Earn the SAIBA Licence that will give you the recognition you deserve as a Licenced Tax Practitioner. The License is built on competence, ethics, and professional tax standards and provides powerful support to accountants in practice. Click here to learn more and to apply.  
  1. Remain in good standing easily by purchasing either a Tax Advisor or Tax Compiler CPD subscription package. These packages provide all the CPD you need and offer an affordable and convenient alternative to once-off events.  
  1. Attend regional SARS meetings to raise your issues. These regional meetings are hosted monthly (online) by SARS branches in every province. SAIBA will keep you posted on upcoming branch meetings and will ask for your inputs ahead of time.  
  1. A word of advice though, don’t wait until the next meeting, rather raise your issues with SAIBA directly so that your trusted representatives can escalate matters on your behalf. Lodge your queries here. Remember, we can only do this for you if you have exhausted all the available electronic channels to escalate your issue(s) and if you have one or multiple case numbers, that we can quote to SARS.  
  1. Join SAIBA’s National Practice Support Network Meetings. Here SAIBA representatives will share their expert insights on how to tackle your SARS issues. Visit our LinkedIn page to stay abreast of when the next meetings will be taking place.  


With us, anyone can become a tax specialist by doing the work needed to claim their license and to remain in good standing!