How to get noticed by recruiters when looking for a new accounting job

We spoke to Angie Le Roux from Kontak Recruitment, about what she looks for when trying to fill positions.  

1. Learn to Love LinkedIn  

“Having a good LinkedIn profile definitely helps,” says Le Roux. “I do a lot of my sourcing on LinkedIn.” She isn’t alone. A study published in the South African Journal of Human Resource Management found that, “South African recruiters follow their international counterparts, with LinkedIn being central to their respective recruitment processes.”  

 “I think it’s important that your LinkedIn stands out,” says Le Roux. “One way that you could really do that is using the recommendation section of your LinkedIn profile and getting people you’ve worked with or worked for to recommend you online and say that you were fantastic at financial statements, or whatever the case might be.” 

2. Sweat the Small Stuff  

“A lot of people leave information off their CV, and what they don’t understand is, as a recruiter, we search for keywords on a CV,” says Le Roux. “If it’s not on there, the chances are we’re not going to pick up your CV. So putting in all of your qualifications, all of the software you can use, and being detailed in terms of the duties you hold – those kinds of things are quite important.” 

3. Get the basics right, and then some    

“I think it’s essential to have a strong CV with good content,” says Le Roux. This should include the firms you’ve worked for, your job title, and your job duration. “And I’m not saying content from ten years ago. Nobody really cares what your duties were when you were doing your articles,” says Le Roux.  

Also, remember to integrate LinkedIn with your CV by linking the two, advises Le Roux. “Somebody can click into it and say, ‘wow, look at the reviews or recommendations from previous employers.’ It’s a quick way to gauge candidates’ suitability.”