How to join SAIBA’s accounting army to rebuild our economy  

If you calculate all the transactions that accountants capture in a set of financial statements it comes to $96 trillion. 

$96 trillion – that is the annual world GDP and all of it flows through an accountant into financial statements. 
That makes you part of an amazing profession. You made a great career choice. 
Have a look at this visual graph of each country’s contribution to GDP. The US contributes 25% and China 17%. 
What does our South African economy manage? Only 0,5%. That is very small. It makes me embarrassed and I don’t like feeling this way. 
That is why my team and I decided to connect Municipalities, Business Chambers, the NPO sector, and accountants. Working together for local economic development we can reduce the cost of doing business, get everyone compliant, and increase productivity. 
Your skills as an accountant can double the income of the 200 000 NPOs and the 3 000 000 active companies and SMEs in South Africa. How? SMEs contribute 34% to the South African GDP. Increasing this to 50% will double their income and reduce unemployment by millions. 
What do you need to do to join the SAIBA accountants’ army, and rebuild the South African economy? 

Your net worth is just as strong as your network. Being part of the SAIBA Army expands your network exponentially. 
To fund our Army we are giving you 10% discount on early renewal of your membership fees. 

We need a fit and proper Army so quickly do your APL, ethics assessment, and CPD declaration, then get the 10% and be ready for deployment.

Early Bird Discount for our July 2022 renewal members.