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Come and meet your new clients at the Roadshow

I understand that you might be too busy to attend the current Roadshow, so I thought I would share some of the highlights with you.

I started the Roadshow at the State of the City Address in Pretoria at 8am, I was so afraid I would miss the start of the Roadshow, but I had to meet the mayor, for you.
I jumped into an Uber and headed to Johannesburg & we kicked off the Roadshow  where we met over 100 of our members, the NPO Alliance and the Department of social development.

Then we headed off to the North West Province to Potchefstroom where we met the Mayor, Local Business Chambers, NPO Alliance and Department of Social Development with some more of our amazing members.

All of these members now have new clients because they came to connect.

Then we embarked to the Freestate to meet our members in Bloemfontein. There we met with the NPO Alliance, Department of social development and the local business chamber.

Today we received word that the Freestate Chamber wants to do more business with our members in the area!

After a short refresh, we headed off to the Northern Cape, a small town named Kimberley. You won’t believe the potential there.
We met with a fantastic group of our members, the NPO Alliance and Department of Social Development. We appointed a new PSN leader in the region while we were there.

We met with some of our exciting members in Newcastle KZN, the Local Economic Development manager and NPO Alliance. More opportunity has been unlocked in the region for our members and local SMEs.

We then headed off to the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal, Durban.

There we met at a beautiful venue with many of our sponsors, the DSD, NPO Alliance and more of our ambitious members. We have a brilliant session where many great questions were answered.
Want to know how you can get more clients?
This is how:
  1. Ensure your membership fee is paid and you are in good standing
  2. Book for the Roadshow in a town near you here
I really hope we get to see you on the Roadshow and get to introduce you to your clients.

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SAIBA thanks all our sponsors for going on this incredible journey with us: