How to become an accounting superstar like Awonke Dyantyi

BAP(SA) designation holder Awonke Dyantyi was just named as one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting in the world! Awonke is an accounting influencer who creates and publishes engaging educational videos for her audiences on LinkedIn and Tik Tok.  

“The influencer Industry was valued at about 14 billion dollars in 2021 and it’s been growing as more brands turn to influencer marketing,” she says. “Being an accounting influencer presents a business opportunity for me as a brand while growing my business.” 

The self-proclaimed Accounting Queen is the only South African on Ignite’s global list of 50 women heralded for being “change-makers, trailblazers and leaders who have dedicated themselves to driving intentional and meaningful change in the Accounting and Bookkeeping industry”. 

The judges said Awonke “not only inspired the young unemployed youth in South Africa, but she is also motivating and training the youth to start their own businesses.” As a young girl Awonke wanted to be a businesswoman. She made that happen and then added the title of “accountant” by upskilling herself with a SAIBA designation. The SAIBA-ambassador answered a few questions about her exciting career path.  

1. What was your career goal and how did you plan to go ahead with achieving it? 

Initially I wanted to become a Chartered Accountant. After obtaining my Diploma in Internal Audit from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, I studied for an Advanced Diploma in Internal Audit with UNISA, then life hit me. I now want to enroll in a Business Degree at an International Business School. I believe the combination of Accounting and Business will position me as a person of authority in South Africa. 

2. Do you think being a woman has had any impact on your career path or is there equality in the accounting industry in South Africa?  

Women work hard, mostly harder than everyone else around them because we have learnt to do that if we are going to strive for the best. Regardless of the efforts taken to celebrate women in their workplace and society there is still a significant gap in equality among men and women in terms of pay and rank. Personally, I decided to put the label of “woman” aside and focused on the professional that I am. I believe that as women we need to start with the mindset that centers what we DESERVE and that we are WORTH IT. We need to learn to ask for what we deserve and TAKE IT. 

3. What advice would you give other accountants who aspire towards having their own businesses and to becoming as successful as you one day? 

1. Worrying is a waste of life, not time. Be prepared and STOP worrying. 

2. Trust yourself and take those risks.  

3. Be present. Being an entrepreneur and leading a team is the best job in the world so enjoy it. It is a privilege that people have taken the leap and have decided to follow you into battle, so be grateful. 

4. Celebrate ALL your wins because no one else knows how it feels to be in your shoes. 

4. What is one important lesson you learnt along the way?  

Trust your instincts and be fearless about it 

5. Any social media advice for accountants? 

Social Media can be intimidating especially for more private individuals but keep in mind that there are many experienced professionals out there who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. This makes it even more difficult for less experienced people to secure a job. What if you started your own business and used social media as your own TV channel to funnel sales and talk about topics you believe in at the same time? Yes, people will gossip but what do you lose when you turn the camera around and make them gossip about your business? I call it inbound leads – where you pay nothing but get eyeballs on the newsfeed. If you’re too shy to start you can always reach out to myself and my team. We help train individuals and businesses on how to create video content that will get clients to trust them. We do it for big brands in and outside of South Africa.