How to Supercharge your Advisory Services with Fathom

Written by: Matt Lowry, Head of Operations (EMEA) at Fathom 

How many of you went into your accounting qualifications wanting to file paperwork? 

Probably none of you. 

Most accountants I have spoken to are passionate about helping small businesses thrive, as they can make a real difference in helping them with their key metrics and core financials. Providing this level of holistic advice often forms a core service pillar for cloud accountants, to provide them with an additional revenue stream on top of their core compliance revenue line. 

Here are seven steps to supercharge your advisory services, using SAIBA partner Fathom

  1. Save time through our cloud integration and invest that time back into client interactions 

Even whilst using Excel the time savings that customers experience go upwards of 10 hours a month! Reinvest this time into existing client relationships, business development work to attract new clients, and/or creating a better work-life balance for you and your team. 

  1. Custom KPIs scalable across your client base 

Once you create a custom KPI once in Fathom, you can copy it across to your other clients, both saving time and providing key insight into their business.  

  1. Beautiful reports that add clarity and provide key insights  

Plenty of business owners don’t want to look at an ugly spreadsheet full of numbers. Bring the data alive for them by turning the financial data into clear visuals. You can then combine these visuals with tables and text to provide a holistic management report.  

  1. Strategic three way forecasting that provides for unlimited scenarios and interactive discussions 

When advising a client, it’s not only important to analyse what has happened, but it’s also crucial to chart the journey ahead. You can create unlimited scenarios, planning for any eventuality. You can use historical actuals, budgets, drivers, or a custom formula to drive your forecast forward in a sophisticated way that will wow your clients. They will be able to clearly see the impact on cash that hiring an employee, buying an asset, or securing a loan will have, for instance. 

  1. Consolidate your client files, including multi-currency  

Multi-currency consolidations historically took hours, if not days, of time each month to prepare. Not anymore. Consolidate at the click of a button and spend more time adding value to your client relationships.  

  1. Benchmark your clients for identifying market trends, providing a platform for coaching 

You can benchmark similar clients against each other anonymously, providing a platform that positions you as the trusted, strategic advisor to the client business, supercharging their growth to new heights.  

  1. Win new clients and future-proof your practice 

Utilising tech to win new clients and to ensure you are ahead of the cloud maturity curve will ensure you continue to attract new clients to your practice and top staff, as you will be using the newest and best technology. 

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