How to get free PI

How to get free PI insurance with SAIBA 

What happens if you forget to submit a client’s tax return and there are penalties to pay? Or you make a mistake in a set of financial statements and your clients lose a big deal? Will you be held responsible for negligence? Can you afford to pay damages?  

We’ve got you covered. That is why SAIBA has partnered with PIFRS to provide members with PI Insurance at no additional costs. It’s part of your membership benefits.  

How to get free Professional Indemnity Insurance with cover up to R4 000 000:  

  1. Qualify for a BAP(SA) designation. 
  2. Log into your online member profile. 
  3. Go to Rewards. 
  4. Select PIFRS. 
  5. Complete and submit the form. 
  6. Receive and read your policy document. 
  7. Claim from PIFRS if a liability is incurred. 

This is the cover you need to avoid losing your business, losing a lot of money caused by minor mistakes that happen daily. Find out more on what PI insurance here and how you can get covered, click here to apply 

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