How to start your own practice

Income security is very tricky in this day and age, but not when you have a business of your own.  

Did you know that an accounting practice is the most profitable small businesses a person can start right now? There is room for flexibility and making  more money.  

Starting a practice is more simpler than you think.  

Here are 4 simple steps on how to successfully start your practice and get more money.  

  1. Get designated – Getting a BAP(SA) designation is the first step to starting your practice and increases your chance of getting clients and it puts you in a higher rank than any ordinary accountant.  

  2. Upskill –   Do CPD on changing laws and regulations to sell compliance services 

  3. Practice – Do the free SAIBA Practice Management CPD included in your membership fees. 

  4. Specialise – Choose a licence that you want to specialise in e.g. Tax practitioner, business rescue etc.   

  5. Join the practice support WhatsApp group of your region to exchange information relating to the profession with other SAIBA members   

Now that you have tapped into the pool of knowledge about how you can establish your own practice, nothing can stand in your way of becoming the best in your line of business or having more than 1 income stream.   

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