How to use advisory services to grow your practice

Big clients are for big firms, right?  

Not anymore, you just need the right alliance to bag those clients and make them trust you with their money.  

SAIBA makes is possible for you to serve big clients and have access to a wide range of services to offer to you clients that Mazars will provide through a strategic alliance. 

Grow your clientele and add more services to your practice.  

Here are steps on how to be part of the SAIBA Advisory Firms Strategic Alliances  

  1. From your SAIBA membership select ‘your rewards’

  2. Scroll down to Mazars 

  3. Fill in the ‘interest form’ 

  4. Wait for Mazars to respond 

  5. Start using advisory services in your practice 

There is no limit to what your practice can achieve, to find out more about the SAIBA Strategic Alliance please click here

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