How to improve your Accounting skills

How do you invest in yourself and your career?  

How do you gain you clients’ trust?  

Are your skills in-line with what the market needs?  

Upskilling is the best way to fast track your career and business growth.  

You can upskill with skills that relate to Human Resources, Humanities, Marketing to Technology. 

Here is how you can do it:  

  1. Select the search bar on your SAIBA Academy profile at the top 
  2. Search the skill you interested in learning 
  3. Click on register next to the course  
  4. Wait for a confirmation email 
  5. Start learning  

Now you do not have to recruit to fill skill gaps in your practice, while assuring your clients that you are skilled to offer the type of service. 

To know more about upskilling click here.  

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