How to become a Business Rescue Specialist

Covid-19 has left many businesses fighting for their survival. In the midst of an economic downturn, there is now an increased need for business rescue practitioners.   

If you are unsure what to specialise in, here is your answer: become a business rescue practitioner. Create opportunity for yourself, while having a meaningful impact on struggling businesses.  

Here is how to become a business rescue practitioner with SAIBA:  

  1. Select specialise on your SAIBA Academy tab at the top 
  2. Select business rescue specialist  
  3. Choose the package you want  
  4. Wait for a confirmation email  
  5. Start learning  
  6. Receive your license 
  7. Start practicing  

Once approved by creditors, you can now successfully develop and implement a plan to rescue a business by restructuring its affairs. Learn more about being a business rescue specialist here

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