Why SAIBA designation holders earn more

A SAIBA designation distinguishes you from the rest as a recognised accountant. A designation holder is  someone who  demonstrates professionalism, ethical conduct and lifelong learning. Each designation is designed to fit the needs of the specific finance department. 

Here is how you can earn more with a SAIBA designation:

  1. Apply for a SAIBA designation – Depending on your experience and qualification, you can qualify  for a single designation at a time  
  2. SAIBA has 4 designations to choose from – BA(SA), BAP(SA), CBA(SA) and CFO (SA)  
  3. Provide the necessary documentation for your application 
  4. Receive feedback from your PPC 
  5. Get designated  
  6. Start your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) included in your designation fee 
  7. Earn more as a recognised accountant 

SAIBA is accepting of all accounting and finance professionals and has endless resources that members can use to upskill themselves, earn designation and climb the corporate ladder. If you are not a SAIBA member, you can click here to join.  

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