How to practice tax in South Africa

Did you know that SARS recognises SAIBA as a controlling body?  

SAIBA was awarded the status of RCB in terms of Section 240A(2) of the Tax Administration Act on 27 May 2021 by Sars.  

This means that you or any SAIBA designation holder can become a tax practitioner.  

Specialising is one of the best ways to earn more money and grow our business.  

Here is how you can practice tax in South Africa 

  1. Be a SAIBA designation holder 
  2. Apply for a Tax license 
  3. Study for the exam 
  4. Write the exam 
  5. Get your Tax license 
  6. Register as a licensed tax practitioner with SARS 
  7. Start practicing and earn more money 

You can be a compiler, advisor or tax master, depending on your designation. Read more about the tax license here or apply on your SAIBA Academy profile to be a tax practitioner.  

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