How to save money with your SAIBA membership

SAIBA is always looking to create opportunity for our members, this means that all the membership packages are worth more than what they cost.  

SAIBA also offers a range of discounted or free resources each year by running specials and discounts.  

Here are ways on how you can save money with your SAIBA membership :  

  1. Free webinars 
  2. Free (core) CPD  
  3. Your rewards  
  4. Annual early bird specials – July and October through to December 
  5. Annual Black Friday specials  

Take advantage of these discounts and free resources that SAIBA has to offer to all members.  Early bird specials and Black Friday special dates are announced annually. To stay up-to-date you can follow SAIBA on all social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter). 

We are currently running our Early Bird promotion. Take advantage and receive 7.5% discount on your annual designation fees if you renew your membership before the year end.  

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