How to update your APL

Regulators (National Treasury, Department of Trade and Industry, SAQA, IRBA, SARS) have been requested by Parliament to implement new regulations to clamp down on unprofessional conduct by accountants and auditors.   

This means that all SAIBA BAP(SA) designation holders are required to complete the Annual Practice License Assessment to continue practicing as an accountant.  

Here is how you can complete you APL:  

  1. Complete the APL assessment  
  2. You have two opportunities to get assessed  
  3. When you have successfully completed the assessment go to your SAIBA membership profile 
  4. Navigate to administration  
  5. Select annual declaration  
  6. A declaration will pop up and you click submit  
  7. Tell your clients about your achievement and post your APL certificate on social media 

Only members who hold a BAP(SA) designation are required to complete the APL assessment annually, to know more about the APL please click here. To complete the APL assessment please click here

Not a BAP(SA)? Are you interested in starting your own practice? Apply for the BAP(SA) designation  here.  

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