Earn your Practice License in Foreign Investments Advisory

Enrolling and completing this certificate course will help to distinguish you as someone who demonstrates professionalism, ethical conduct and lifelong learning. Improve your practice and create an opportunity for additional income.

All for a once-off fee of R1500

for the learning program, assessment and certificates.

BAP (SA) designation holders can now perform engagements to support Business Visas. Gain valuable recognition by completing a Certificate: Practice Licence in Foreign Investments Advisory. This unique license is issued in terms of sections 14(1) (a) and (2) (b) of the Immigration Regulations (as amended) under the Immigration Act, No. 13 of 2002.

The certificate course will allow you to earn recognition of your competence in a relevant subject area without having to attend a formal course, training programme or CPD. This Practising Licence programme is a self-study on-line programme as well as the assessment thereof. If you successfully complete the learning programme and assessment, you will be issued with the Certificate: Practice Licence *Foreign Investment Advisor and be licensed to practice.

* Previously, Practice Licence in: Immigration Engagements.

The persons that are eligible to register for the Learning Certificate: Foreign Investments Advisory are practising members (BAP (SA) of SAIBA and who are in good standing. SAIBA reserves the right to verify all declarations provided upon registration and/or perform a practice visit. This Practising Licence: Foreign Investments Advisory, measures knowledge and understanding of the material contained in the Immigration Regulations, Code of Ethics and quality control as well as the ISRS 4400.

You can apply online at any time. When you have paid you will course materials covering each aspect of the course. You do self-study and prepare for the online assessment. Typically, a student should take 30 hours to work through the course and 30 minutes to write the online examination.
Once you have gone through the learning programme and passed the assessment you will receive a certificate of completion and a licence that will enable you to issue factual finding report in accordance of the Immigration Regulation (as amended) under the Immigration Act, 2002.
As an additional benefit, this course will equip SAIBA BAP (SA) members to obtain recognition to perform immigration engagements in terms of sections 14(1) (a) and (2) (b) of the Immigration Regulations (as amended) SAIBA is the one of only 3 professional bodies whose members may perform these engagements. This course is a prerequisite to be awarded the Practice Licence in Foreign Investments Accounting.

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