Angelo Agrizzi and Bosasa. Names that will forever be remembered for corruption and state capture.

This case and the Steinhoff and KPMG scandals have placed the spotlight on you to do the right thing – speak and report truthfully.

With the spotlight on you, SAIBA, and your colleagues, government departments have increased their inspection and review of the work performed by accountants, accounting officers, and auditors for:

  1. Schools,
  2. Companies,
  3. The Financial Intelligence Centre,
  4. CIDB,
  5. NLB and others.

Based on the above we are receiving an increase in complaints related to:

  1. Misrepresentation as auditors (Only a person registered with the IRBA can do an audit).
  2. Performing unauthorised work (Only a person authorised by an Act can do certain work).
  3. Misrepresentation by associate members as a BAP(SA) member (Only BAP(SA)s are accounting officers).

We have recently sanctioned a BAP(SA) for misrepresenting himself as an auditor and signing an audit report consisting of:

  1. R25 000 penalty,
  2. Practice visit and review,
  3. Mandatory CDP courses on professional engagements and ethics.

We strongly recommend that you study and read the guides and standards issued by SAIBA related to the professional engagements you can perform, and how to perform them.

As a reminder – here are the guides and standards.

Don’t become another Agrizzi.

Report poor work by colleagues to SAIBA and make sure you follow the guides and standards. If you have done something that you shouldn’t have – then lets admit the mistake, correct it, and improve behaviour.