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How do I become associated with SAIBA
For only R360 per annum, you can join the SAIBA community, which is:

  • Your first step towards obtaining one of our designations
  • Ideal if you are a student in the beginning stages of your accounting career
  • Ideal if you are a member of any other professional bodies and want to share in SAIBA events, newsletters and other benefits

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What are the benefits of being associated with SAIBA?
  • SAIBA is your pathway to earning a professional designation
  • Updates on legislative changes
  • Industry representation
  • Networking opportunities at SAIBA events
  • Personal and professional development seminars and free webinars
  • Annual SAIBA magazine (online), newsletters and access to all SAIBA publications
I want to start my own practice. How do I become a Business Accountant in Practice?
Join as a SAIBA Associate member, which is your first step towards obtaining the BAP (SA) designation. Pay R360 membership fee (once off for all designation holders) to activate your membership profile. Apply for a designation within your profile and submit all the relevant documents required to assess your application. One of our consultants will be in contact with you upon receipt of your application to assist where needed.
What are the requirements to become a Business Accountant in Practice?
  • A Commerce-specific degree or National Diploma with relevant subjects: 3rd year level: accounting; second year level: management accounting, tax, commercial law, auditing (A typical example would be a BCom Accounting or a National Diploma in Cost and Management Accounting)
  • Four years’ verifiable and relevant experience in accounting and tax
What is CPD?
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a lifelong process of maintaining and developing professional competence, creativity and innovation, with the aim of ensuring your skills and knowledge are up to date. CPD has value for both the individual and their profession.
How many CPD points are required per designation?
  • CFO (SA) – 20 Verifiable, 20 non-verifiable
  • CBA(SA) – 15 Verifiable, 15 non-verifiable
  • BAP(SA) – 25 Verifiable, 15 non-verifiable
  • BA(SA) – 10 Verifiable, 10 non-verifiable
What is the difference between verifiable and non-verifiable CPD?
  • Verifiable – CPD will be verifiable if the member can prove that he or she was involved in an acceptable CPD learning activity

A unit will be verifiable if the learning activity provides or includes the following:

  • Course outlines and teaching materials provided;
  • Attendance record, registration forms or confirmation of registration from provider;
  • Independent assessments that a learning activity has occurred;
  • Confirmation by an instructor, mentor or tutor of participation;
  • Confirmation by an employer of participation in an in-house program.

Non-verifiable – A unit will be non-verifiable if the member is unable to prove that the CPD learning activity has taken place.  Examples of non-verifiable learning activities, include the reading of daily financial and business newspapers and journals, for example, Business Day, Finweek, etc

How do I apply for or upgrade my current designation?

Please contact our membership department to establish how we can assist:

Will I receive a certificate once I am approved as a designated member?

Yes, you will receive your pdf certificate via email. We are no longer sending certificates as we are consciously making efforts to minimise our environmental footprint by working towards a paperless environment and better use of technology.

I have made a payment that is not reflecting on my account?

If you have made a payment on your account that is not reflecting on your statement, please send your proof of payment to, with the subject line Payment to be allocated: (your membership number)

Do I need to upload my CPD units? Please tell me how?

Yes, all designated members are required to log their CPD hours:

  • Login to your SAIBA profile by going to the SAIBA website;
  • Once you are on the homepage, drag your cursor down
  • You will come across your CPD graph;
  • At the top right inside the graph click the “New Entry” button;
  • Complete all the fields and click the “Allocate”
I need guidance on specific technical matters not addressed here. Please point me in the right direction?

Please navigate to the Standards section on our website and browse through the guides we have available. If you still require assistance, please address your technical query to and we will assist you accordingly.

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