The Department of Higher Education and Training has issued new learning programme regulations. These will affect how Learnership agreements and registration is done. Fasset will conduct workshops to communicate further but for now, kindly be informed of the following urgent matter as of 01 April 2019;

  • All Learnership agreements to be submitted to Fasset within 30 working days of signing the Learnership agreement by the learner, employer/training provider;
  • All Accredited Training Partners linked to professional bodies to register with professional bodies for Learnerships before completing the Learnership agreement to allow the signature to be within 30 working days;
  • Employers to submit Learnership agreements to Fasset directly and not via the professional bodies to circumvent delays of the 30 day signature date;
  • Also note the start date of the Learnership versus the employment date (especially for trainees who were not employed before they are registered on a Learnership) should not be far apart e.g. learner indicated on a Learnership that they started in January 2018 but the letter from the professional body indicates that the learner started in July 2018. This discrepancy becomes a concern with the A-G and the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Further information will be communicated in due course.
Kindly see attached regulations to go through or familiarize yourselves with before the workshop. The date will be communicated in due course.