Last month SARS and CIPC issued 24 new notices and amendments. There were an additional 35 changes to legislation that may affect your clients. Some of these changes relate to:

  • VAT quick reference guide for non-executive directors.
  • SARS Binding ruling negatively affecting developers.
  • Carbon Tax considered to be included in 6 monthly provisional tax.
  • New judgement on when a tax refund is payable.
  • Massive changes made to insurance accounting – IFRS 17
  • Audit firms to start sharing their business secrets if Transparency Reports adopted.
  • Changes to how you assess the Risks of Material Misstatement (Auditors, Reviewers).
  • How to audit your firms ethical culture: 8-steps issued by ICAEW.
  • Recent updates and Name Disputes Case Highlights.
  • Mental illness and the impact on employment.
  • Competition Amendment Bill.
  • 265 SAICA members currently in the disciplinary process pipeline and the VBS Saga.
  • SAIBA develops new licences to help accountants specialise
  • Latest labour law court cases
  • Other relevant regulations.

If you want to know more about these changes and how it affects your practice we recommend you attend the SAIBA webinar on these amendments and what it means for you in your business or practice. These will be held on: 22 August 2018 from 9 am to 11 am.

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The technical analysis includes:

  1. Webinar with summary of legislative changes.
  2. Course material and source documents.
  3. Interactive Q&A.

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