Russel Ngobeni is an accountant to his core. His real passion is training under-privileged youth in the beauty of accounting as a way to make sense of the world of numbers and transactions.

Russel Ngobeni is an accountant to his core. He has trained nearly 800 accountants from disadvantaged backgrounds – every single one of them were subsequently placed in employment

He is an admitted sports fanatic who played provincial cricket for Limpopo before deciding to get serious about a career in accounting. He moved from Limpopo to Gauteng to study financial information systems at the Tshwane University of Technology, where he graduated with a national diploma in 2009.

He quickly found out that having a diploma or qualification was no guarantee of success, as he found himself out of work for nine months. He decided to apply to join a workplace readiness programme being run by Guarantee Trust (GT), with the promise of being placed in employment at the end of the training programme.

“I had a dream of becoming a CA, but put that on hold as I was more interested in getting others, especially rural and disadvantaged youth, into the accounting profession,” says Russel. Read more on Accounting Weekly.