The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) has commenced with the notification process in terms of Companies Regulation 40, 2011 for companies and close corporations referred for deregistration due to non-compliance with Annual Returns. Notice 45 of 2019

For the list of companies and close corporation for which the notification process has commenced, kindly refer to the CIPC website Legislation/ Gazettes/ Gazettes Publication No 201906 date 31 May 2019.

It should not be noted that the deregistration status for companies and close corporation in deregistration due to non-comliance with Annual Returns will only be cancelled/uplifted upon the filing of All outstanding Annual Returns and the required Audited Financial Statements or Financial Accountability Supplements.

For more information on Annual Returns, Audited Financial Statements, Financial Accountability Supplements, how to file and relevant fees involved, kindly refer to the following documents or website pages:-

Lastly, continued non-compliance will result in final deregistration of the company or close corporation.

  • Step by step online guide to file annual returns

              ( or

              ( / Useful Tools / How to – Step by Step Guides / Annual Returns)

  • Information Guide on Annual Returns

              ( Useful Tools / How to – step by step / Information Guides / Information Guide on Annual Returns)

  • Annual Financial Statements and Financial Accountability Supplements

             ( / iXBRL Programme) or

             ( / Maintain Your Business / Financial Statements and Independed Review)