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Powerful features to manage your practice, your clients, and your work, all in one place. Now available for accountants in South Africa.
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SAIBA partnered up with QuickBooks, the world’s number one accounting software, to enhance our member experience. SAIBA members who sign up for the online accounting product will enjoy exclusive discounts and subscription rates and also have access to QuickBooks events and trainings.

QuickBooks is the number 1 partner to SAIBA and its members. They are growing at a rapid rate here in South Africa and SAIBA recommends that you get to know them.

 If you haven’t done so already, sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant for free and see how you can save on average 8 hours per client per month. If you become QuickBooks Certified, you will earn a free listing on the Find an Advisor directory, with the opportunity to be introduced to 50 000 prospective clients in search of advice from experts like you.  Manage all of your clients in one place with QuickBooks Online Accounting.

SAIBA loves QuickBooks and we believe you will too.