A mark of professionalism

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Clients, banks, state agencies and others rely on the work of Business Accountants precisely because they are committed to life-long learning.
Business Accountants that invest in their own development are aware of legislative changes and developments in the profession and are therefore better equipped to advise on and benefit from these changes.

International best practice and local rules dictate that accountants should be subject to 120 hours of CPD in a three-year cycle.

SAIBA therefore requires the following CPD hours per designation (applicable for both South African and Namibian members):


Business Accountant: 20 CPD Hours per annum (10 Verifiable, 10 Non-Verifiable)


Certified Business Accountant: 30 CPD Hours per annum (15 Verifiable, 15 Non-Verifiable)


Business Accountant in Practice: 40 CPD Hours per annum (25 Verifiable, 15 Non-Verifiable)


Certified Financial Officer: 40 CPD Hours per annum (20 Verifiable, 20 Non-Verifiable)

The CPD Policy and CPD Guide explain the SAIBA CPD requirements, and provide examples and a CPD Plan to manage your CPD requirements.

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