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Recent scandals in the profession have placed renewed emphasis on quality control and ethical conduct.

Regulators including the National Treasury, Department of Trade and Industry, SAQA, IRBA, and SARS have been requested by Parliament to implement new regulations to clamp down on unprofessional conduct by accountants and auditors.

In response, SAIBA has initiated a series of licenses applicable to SAIBA designation holders.  We are in the process of developing a number of licenses for specialised engagements.  These licenses are supported by optional courses, should you require more knowledge prior to writing the exam.  Obtaining a license provides proof that you are competent in a particular area, and may be required by government departments or regulators before you will be allowed to perform a particular service.  


License name (designation)

Exam Fee

Optional course

Course enrolment   date

Exam active


Apply to write the exam

1 Independent reviewer    (BAP) R1500 Certificate in Independent Review Engagements February 2019 March 2019 Apply Now
2 Business Rescue Practitioner             (BAP) R2500 Advanced Short Course in Business Rescue Practice March 2019 April 2019 Apply Now
3 Foreign Investments Accountant              (BAP) R1500 N/A N/A March 2019 Apply Now
4 Accounting Officer for Schools                     (BAP) R1500 Course in Accounting for School Governance March 2019 April 2019 Apply Now
5 Accounting Officer for NPOs                         (BAP) R1500 TBC TBC April 2019 Apply Now
6 Cyber Security Assurance Provider (BAP)/(CBA) TBC TBC TBC TBC
7 Executor and Estate Planner                     (BAP) TBC TBC TBC TBC
9 Business Advisor and Financial Planner   (BAP)/(CBA) TBC TBC TBC TBC
10 IFRS specialist        (BAP)/(CBA) TBC TBC TBC TBC
11 Audit Support Provider (BAP)(CBA) TBC TBC TBC TBC
12 Accountant for Religious Organizations         (BAP) TBC TBC TBC TBC
13 Accountant for Farmers (BAP) TBC TBC TBC TBC
14 IFRS and Cost and Management           (CBA) TBC TBC TBC TBC
15 Strategy, Governance, Operations               (CFO) TBC TBC TBC TBC

**Licenses are renewable annually and may be subject to an examination.