SAIBA is happy to report, 47 election observers signed up to observe on 8 May 2019. SAIBA is extremely proud and excited that this group agreed to assist us in contributing in a positive way to ensure that the elections are indeed independent and impartial.

Each of the volunteers was deployed to the polling station they nominated in their initial application to SAIBA for the day and will be providing a report to SAIBA on their observations.  

SAIBA produced a training webinar and a training guideline to assist the observers in preparing for the day.

SAIBA committed to:

  • Collate all the reports from observers,  
  • Submit to the IEC,  
  • Host a press briefing, and  
  • Issue a report on our findings.  

Click on this link and watch the volunteer observer training webinar.

All volunteers must also read the following documents

a) Regulations on the Accreditation of Observers, 1999 published under GN R362 in GG 19857 of 17 March 1999, Schedule A;

b) The voluntarily adopted Election Access Observation Toolkit issued by the International Foundation for Electoral Systems.;

c) The Observers Handbook (hardcopy) as issued by the IEC.

We would like to thank our observers for wanting to get involved and make a difference and look forward to the reports.