As you are aware Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is compulsory and is applicable to all members who hold a designation(s) in any field. SAIBA is here to ensure all members remain up to date and compliant.

  1. Subscribe to a CPD package through our preferred CPD partner, the SA Accounting Academy (SAAA) and catchup on your outstanding hours in record time;
  2. Attend SAIBA Events and Seminars.
  3. In addition, SAIBA has identified Professional Ethics as a key focus area and recommends that members sign up for the catch up course presented by our CPD partner, SA Accounting Academy (SAAA). Click here to sign up and earn 5 verifiable CPD hours.
  4. Lastly SAAA have a “Last Minute CPD package for 2019” that is being offered to SAIBA members at R2100.00 for the following 8 seminars: 
  • Reporting engagements accounting officer review and compilations
  • Ethics
  • Accounting for Trusts and Deceased Estates
  • IFRS for SME
  • Companies Act
  • Management Accounts
  • Independent Review
  • BEE

For further details on this unique package please contact Jarrod Victor –
In the event that a member fails to meet the requirements of the CPD system, SAIBA may impose any one or more of the following penalties.

  1. Require the member to follow an approved remedial programme of continuing professional development within a period prescribed by SAIBA. Should a member fail to indicate compliance with this prescription by the final deadline, a monetary fine will be imposed and the member will be invoiced accordingly
  2. Revoke the member’s professional designation and remove them from the registry of SAIBA membership