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Send an email to in the following format. If it is not in this format we will not respond:

From: Your email
Subject: (Your name)-(Membership No)-(Key word)
Body of email:

  1. Title of query:___
  2. Area of law or standard that the query relates to (Companies Act, Tax Act, Conduct, etc):___
  3. What is your view:___
  4. What is the view of colleagues that you consulted:___
  5. What did you find in your google search of the problem:___
  6. Are you a SAIBA Quick Update CPD subscriber?:___
  7. Are your CPD hours up to date:___

Rules for technical queries:

  1. We can only provide short responses to guide you in the right direction.
  2. We do not provide detailed opinions or responses
  3. We do not guarantee the technical accuracy of the responses as this is not the purpose of the service.
  4. We refer your query to a 3rd party so no correspondence is private.
  5. Responses are in the form of a conversation between two individuals in their quest for clarity and are therefore not to be confused with legal opinions, legal arguments, or relied on for accuracy or relevance.
  6. You have to show commitment to self-improvement and development. You are not allowed to use the technical queries in the absence of committing to CPD.
  7. The best way to stay updated on technical issues is to subscribe to the SAIBA Quick Update CPD subscription package.
  8. If your CPD hours are not up to date we will not respond to your query.


An online webinar series that covers SARS, CIPC, IRBA, IFRS, Professional body guides, Labour law, FIC, and big law updates. Everything you need to know in a short and concise format for less than R200 per month.

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Subscribing for the Quick Update series will enable you to:

  1. Be aware of the latest legislative changes and what it means for your business practice, and your clients;
  2. Be able to inform your staff and clients on how to stay compliant;
  3. Adapt business models to fit new legislative landscapes;
  4. Receive references to documents and guides;
  5. Have access to your own technical resource; and
  6. Have access to the presenter via an online Q&A.