Support groups using WhatsApp

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How to connect with members in your region

  1. Members organise themselves into support groupts and connect via the SAIBA WhatsApp account.
  2. Contact your membership consultant via email or phone and request to be included in a SAIBA WhatsApp group.
  3. An informal WhatsApp group for SAIBA members in a specific region. Used to ask and share practice related issues, problems, tips, and solutions.
  4. No jokes, memes or other political or religious expressions allowed.
  5. Strictly to connect members and allow business discourse.
  6. Use it sparingly and don’t annoy or irritate other users.
  7. It’s not for sharing personal information or news.
  8. Don’t post information if it was already loaded by someone else and keep questions/answers short and concise.
  9. WhatsApp groups organise their own activities and communication styles.
  10. If your CPD hours is not up to date we will not respond to your query.

Existing regional WhatsApp groups:

  • SAIBA East Rand
  • SAIBA Fourways
  • SAIBA Bloemfontein
  • SAIBA Pretoria
  • SAIBA Jakaranda
  • SAIBA Witbank
  • SAIBA Westrand
  • SAIBA Port Elizabeth