Change can be challenging even for the most experienced accountant but currently it is almost compulsory. Technology is ever changing, and AI and machine learning is the future. If we do not get on the bandwagon now, we will unfortunately be left behind.

Our clients are also requiring more from us as we are now living in the digital era. Clients want to see information in real time and that means that we can no longer be using desktop software. We as accountants must do more to keep our clients happy.

The biggest hurdle when implementing any new accounting software is the feeling of not having the time or the capacity to take in all this change. Most of us are already at our max capacity with the current clients’ work and now the thought of keeping up with all this new software is giving us sleepless nights but be assured that the process is quite a painless one.

My first suggestion is choosing a handful of apps that will benefit you and your current client and master it.

This now creates the question of timing and when is the right time to take on the gigantic task of implementing all this new software? We must ask ourselves when implementing new software if the time saved in the future will outweigh the time it will take to learn and implement the new software.

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