From Accounting Today: As we’ve done each January for the past several years, we’ve created a list of a dozen tasks to put on your calendar, in hopes of encouraging you to rise above the daily grind from time to time.

January: Try to do a full restore from your backup. Naturally, you’re backing everything up — but are you sure it’s working? Do a test and make sure, because you don’t want to discover that your backup is faulty during a real-life emergency.

February: Review your cyber insurance (assuming you have some). Check with your insurance agent to find out what, exactly, is covered by your general liability policy, and then make sure you have all the extra coverage you need to cover breaches and the like under the rules of your state.

March: Share some meaningful data about the firm with your staff — something you haven’t shared before. Some suggestions: How much of your annual revenue is earned during tax season? How much more does the firm make on the average tax return than last year? What percentage of clients purchase more than one service from the firm?

April: Here’s a good one to cut down on busy season interruptions: Have all staff add NNTR (for “No need to reply”) to every group email for which there really is no need for everyone to reply.

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