The team and I have created your very own “Everything is Awesome” Plan for 2019, and have adopted the Lego movie song as the “official” SAIBA video of the year because:

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when your part of a team,

Everything is awesome, when you’re living out a dream”

2019 is now well underway and it is full of potential. The trick is to convert its potential into something tangible and real. It’s not money that is the goal. Money follows actionaction of the right kind. The only kind of action that matters is the one that solves a clients problem. If you solve problems well, then you will always have clients. 

Your “Everything-is-Awesome” plan for 2019.

Use the following templates to develop your own strategic and personal development plans for 2019. It will assist you to discover and solve the best client problems, and lead to a bigger bank balance at the end of the year. Click to download the following documents:

If you need help with completing the documents you can purchase the 2018 MAP Survey and/or the recording of the 2018 SAIBA Practice Management Conference. These will help with identifying trends and best practice within your sector. 

Get smarter with a CPD Plan for 2019

CPD ensures that your remain updated and competent to perform professional engagements for your clients. To view CPD requirements and offerings per membership type click here 

Attract more business opportunities with our licenses for specialised engagements  

Ever thought of specialising? Now you can with one of the many SAIBA specialist licenses. They help you access new revenue streams by being able to provide services to high-net worth individuals and gaining exclusive recognition in terms of legislation. Click here to read more about the SAIBA licenses.

Test your knowledge by writing the Annual Practice License (APL) 

The APL is a self-assessment that all SAIBA members with the designation BAP(SA) are required to complete annually. The APL test the BAP(SA)’s knowledge of the standards required to manage an accounting practice, and provide professional services to clients. To read more click here.

Affirm your commitment to responding to Non-compliance with Laws and Regulations (NOCLAR)  

The Parliament of South Africa and Namibia has entrusted SAIBA and its members with an exclusive licence to perform statutory prescribed functions. As such SAIBA has obtained the status as controlling body for accountants, accounting officers, and independent reviewers. This status was granted on the basis that SAIBA and its members will uphold the public trust and act in the public interest whether acting in private practice or being employed. This requires that SAIBA and its members commit to ethical and lawful conduct, and demonstrate to Parliament that we take our responsibilities seriously. To read more click here 

Don’t miss out on any of our events!

Our biggest event of the year – 3000 SAIBA members under one roof. SAIBA and Terrapinn, an international conference company, have partnered to bring the Global Annual Accounting and Finance Show to South Africa. We want to expose 3000 SAIBA members to the latest technology solutions for business accountants in business and practice. Its the first of its kind in SA. Come and meet your fellow SAIBA tribe members, build new networks and adopt new technology. SAIBA – getting you ready for the fourth industrial revolution. Click here  to go the the SAIBA events calendar and view 6 and 7 May 2018.

Even though we are already approaching March, I wish you prosperity and blessings in all forms.

Yours in dedicated service 

Nicolaas van Wyk