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Continuing professional development (CPD) is a mark of professionalism.

Clients, banks, state agencies, SMEs, and the public rely on the work of Business Accountants precisely because they are committed to life-long learning.

Smarter accountants

Business Accountants that invest in their own development are aware of legislative changes and developments in the profession and are therefore better equipped to advise on and benefit from these changes.

Required by law

International best practice and local rules dictate that accountants shall commit to a specific number of hours in a year and reflect on their CPD learning. SAIBA members are required to obtain CPD in the areas that they provide services to clients. Services should not be attempted without having CPD to ensure good quality. SAIBA is required in terms of the Companies Regulations, 2010 and the National Qualifications Framework Act, 67 of 2008 to require members to do CPD, monitor their CPD points, and report findings to authorities. The SAIBA CPD program has been developed in line with the International Education Standard 7 issued by the IAESB and IFAC.

SAIBA therefore requires the following CPD hours per designation (applicable for both South African and Namibian members):

  • Associate SAIBA members that hold no other designatory letters: 10 CPD Hours per annum (5 Verifiable, 5 Non-Verifiable)
  • BA(SA): 20 CPD Hours per annum (10 Verifiable, 10 Non-Verifiable)
  • CBA(SA): 30 CPD Hours per annum (15 Verifiable, 15 Non-Verifiable)
  • CFO(SA): 40 CPD Hours per annum (20 Verifiable, 20 Non-Verifiable)
  • BAP(SA): 40 CPD Hours per annum (30 Verifiable, 10 Non-Verifiable)

The SAIBA CPD Policy

The SAIBA CPD Policy details how CPD works, what SAIBA considers and will accept as CPD, and how to keep record of your CPD.

Go to Policies and Forms to download the SAIBA CPD policy.

My CPD Plan

My CPD Plan provides a structured approach to planning your CPD events for a particular year. CPD is a tool that you can use to help you achieve your business and professional goals. But you can only achieve your goals if you plan for them and monitor your progress.

Go to Policies and Forms to download the SAIBA CPD policy.

The Official SAIBA CPD Platform

SAIBA members obtain their CPD hours exclusively from www.saiba.academy. SAIBA Academy is the official SAIBA CPD platform for SAIBA members.

We offer 5 CPD subscription options that consist of legislative, accounting and tax updates in four affordable packages:

  1. QuickUpdate
  2. Bookkeepers
  3. Accountant in Practice
  4. Accountants in Practice Plus Tax
  5. Namibia CPD

SAIBA Academy delivers exclusive CPD for SAIBA members, and collaborate with various professional bodies, associations, and providers to make CPD available to you that is both comprehensive, affordable, and internationally comparable.

Finding the right CPD for you is simple – explore your CPD options on www.saiba.academy.

SAIBA only recognises CPD obtained from our official SAIBA CPD platform -  www.saiba.academy. If you don't do your CPD with us and log your CPD hours within your SAIBA membership profile, your CPD points or hours may not be recognised. Make sure you only do CPD at  www.saiba.academy or phone SAIBA to confirm if your CPD provider is accredited by SAIBA.

SAIBA Academy

SAIBA Academy delivers smart courses for SAIBA members. Visit www.saiba.academy and see how we can help you remain compliant and relevant. SAIBA Academy is structured to deliver four development streams:

  1. Qualify as an accountant: for those that have a degree but not the required commerce subjects to qualify as an accountant in practice.
  2. Maintain your skills as an accountant: for those that need CPD in a variety of topics related to accounting and tax updates, ethics, practice management, and business and technology.
  3. Specialise as an accountant: for those that need to specialise as experts and earn a license from SAIBA.
  4. Mastering being a finance executive: for those developing into finance executives as FDs or CFOs.

Accredited CPD providers

We accredit CPD programs and work with leading providers to deliver a range of high-quality, affordable online CPD resources that you can access on demand.

Country Specific CPD

South Africa

See above.


SAIBA offers a CPD subscription package for our Namibian members with the aim to update members on changes in Namibian legislation and provide content on Namibian accounting matters, including accounting, taxation, law, practice management and auditing.