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"The entry point to our community"

The steps towards a designation: Membership + Qualifications + Experience + Competency Assessment = Designations

CIBA members share in the many resources offered by CIBA, and applying for your CIBA membership is the required 1st stop on your way to earning your designation.

Once you are a CIBA member you can start the process of applying for one of our six designations. Membership is your entry point to earn a designation. CIBA members are non-voting members of the CIBA community and have access to core benefits but receive no statutory or legislative recognition.

  • If you are in the process of applying for your CIBA designation
  • Students studying towards a commerce degree or diploma
  • Anyone working within a finance or accounting department
  • Members of any other professional bodies who want to retain their original membership and also be part of the CIBA community
  • Persons from any nationality that may have an interest in Southern Africa

Become a CIBA Member

Join us and become part of an exclusive accounting community.

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