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"Obtain your professional designation when you graduate”

Move from University to Work with the help of U²Pro, a workplace readiness initiative of CIBA.

The CIBA U²Pro initiative allows students to earn an accounting designation with their qualification when they graduate, meaning they go from University to Professional in one easy step.

1. Changing the way graduates enter the profession

“The problem that many accounting and business students have is that they do not have professional recognition after completing their studies, which can make it harder for them to find employment,” says Nicolaas van Wyk, CEO of CIBA.

Many students study part-time while holding down a job in an accounting practice or accounting department. By participating in the CIBA U²Pro programme, these students will now be able to apply for our Business Accountant (SA) designation (BA (SA)) and receive their first year’s membership fee at no cost.

Students studying in any of the following subject areas may participate in the U²Pro initiative: accounting, law, economics and business management.

CIBA is the natural home for accountants who have experience but lack professional recognition.

2. Changing the way unemployed graduates enter the profession.

Many graduates do not have any work experience after completing their degrees. This prevents them from being employed and making a contribution to the South African economy.

CIBA manages a workplace readiness programme that provides graduates with a simulated workplace environment. Experience gained in the simulated environment are recognised as valid experience to obtain a professional designation with CIBA.

CIBA has provided work place readiness experience to many unemployed graduates and all have been successfully placed in employment.

3. CIBA Designations

CIBA offers a graduated scale of designations, commencing with BA (SA), which recognises accountants with experience in performing various financial functions within the finance department.

Many students on work-study schedules have demonstrated an ability to perform these functions, but do not enjoy professional recognition for their experience. The BA (SA) designation provides objective proof of your competencies. Employers trust our designations.

The BA (SA) or Business Accountant (SA) designation leads to a more prosperous and fulfilling career as an accountant. Research has shown that accountants with professional designations receive higher pay than those without, and also enjoy a more rapid career ascent.

4. Designations that align to job functions

Click here to read more about our designations and how they align to job functions.

Other designations offered by CIBA include:

  • CBK for Bookkeepers
  • CFAdmin for Financial Administrators
  • BA(SA) for junior accountants,
  • CBA(SA) for financial managers,
  • Cert.Fin.Officer(SA) for financial directors,
  • BAP(SA) for accountants in practice.

There is a pathway to better and higher professional recognition within the accounting profession, and our aim is to make it possible for students of higher educational institutions to apply for and secure a designation at an early stage on their career.

5. U²PRO pathways to a designation

Graduates that have obtained a diploma or degree at NQF level 6 or 7 at an accredited institute of higher learning qualify for a complimentary BA(SA) designation if they have obtained one of the following:

  1. Two years verifiable workplace experience based on a logbook or portfolio of evidence obtained whilst studying, or
  2. One year simulated workplace experience via CIBA’s Virtual work readiness programme.

6. How it works

  1. Register with CIBA as a student for the U²Pro initiative.
  2. Universities are accredited by CIBA to allow their graduates entry to the U²Pro initiative. Universities provide students with a U²Pro promocode, giving them free student access.
  3. Working graduates: Students upload their logbooks or vetted work experience onto their CIBA student profiles.
  4. Unemployed graduates: Apply to participate in the CIBA virtual work readiness programme.
  5. Qualifying graduates will receive a 1 year membership and designation with CIBA.

Any queries can be send to membership@myciba.org .

U²Pro Akademia

The following Akademia Academic Qualifications currently qualify under U²Pro:

BCom Business Management (NQF 7) Membership + BA (SA) Designation
BCom (Economics and Law) (NQF 7) Membership + BA (SA) Designation
BCom Financial Planning (NQF 7) Membership + BA (SA) Designation
Higher Certificate in Accounting (NQF 5) Membership + BA (SA) Designation
BCom (Financial and Management Accounting) (NQF 7) Membership + BAP (SA) Designation
BCom Management Accounting (NQF 7) Membership + BAP (SA) Designation
Postgraduate Diploma in Tax (NQF 8) Membership + CBA (SA) Designation
Postgraduate diploma in Management Accounting (NQF 8) Membership + CBA (SA) Designation

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  • Obtain the PROMOCODE from your lecturer to receive one-year complimentary student membership.