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"You have the power to change the economy."

CIBA has joined SACCI, this makes you a member too.


  • CIBA has recently joined the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) also referred to as “The SA Chamber of business”, under a national membership which automatically makes you a member too as long as you are in good standing with CIBA.

    What is the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry?

    The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) and its almost 50 constituent chambers are a lifeline for business people. SACCI is the largest Chamber in the country. Through its constituent chambers, it has a total membership of close to 20 000 businesses, most of them small and medium-sized.

    SACCI is the apex chamber of commerce in the Republic of South Africa, a broadly based representative national business body, not only in South Africa, but in Southern Africa, focusing primarily on national and international issues. Our mission is to protect and promote the interests of business in all sectors and across all sizes of enterprise. SACCI is committed to forging closer relationships between organized business and Government. SACCI therefore caters from the very small enterprises to the industry sectors and large corporates which makes SACCI all things to all people in the business community.

Economoic Recovery Workstreams

  • During 2020, the pandemic has had a devastating effect on our business sector. SACCI has sought expertise from all sectors of society to set up 11 work streams to address the rapid rebuilding of the South African economy. We have started drafting terms of reference for each of the workstreams and we want to make sure all our members are in a workstream relevant to their sector. The thrust of the SACCI work streams is to develop tangible and implementable action plans that we can introduce and have these impact positively on our economy and our society.

7 Pillars

  1. Inclusive Economic Growth and Employment Creation.
  2. Constructive Public and Private Stakeholder Engagement.
  3. Entrepreneurship.
  4. Regional Development through partnerships with regional business.
  5. Revenue Generation.
  6. Membership Rewards and Benefits.
  7. Infrastructure - “The 5 lines to Heaven”

Unique Offering to Members

  • On the 23rd March 2020 a milestone agreement was signed between SACCI and the DTIC authorising SACCI as the only private sector organisation qualified to issue non-preferential COO’s (Certificates of Origin). This applies to manufacturers of goods for export purposes where for example the receiving country seeks the authenticity of the goods as manufactured in the country exporting the products. Through its relationship with the South African Council for Graduates Cooperative (SACGRA), SACCI can offer its membership the support of graduates at a nominal cost – effectively transportation cost for interns. These interns come from a wide background from engineers to architects. Again, this is an arrangement that is offered because of our relationship with SACGRA.

    This is a guarantee is given through the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce by the WCF (World Chambers Federation) an instrument that enables business to use the carnet for purposes of re-importation of goods that are temporarily moved out of the country. The cover is for taxes and duties that would normally apply to the goods moved cross border. In the motor industry’s case, there are numerous trade shows and exhibitions that our motor manufacturers do throughout the year in surrounding countries where physical motor vehicles are displayed for the primary purpose of stimulating sales. SACCI has entered into an arrangement where Export Credit Insurance Corporation (ECIC) further assists our exporters in providing export political and commercial risk cover. Through SACCI, this cover can be tailored to suit the needs of our exporters.

Rewards and Benefits

  • SACCI took on the role of setting in motion a set of rewards and benefits that would be of value to our chamber movement, but also the general membership. Key aspects already addressed include-

    • Fuel pay back to members and their employees,
    • Buying clubs for our smaller community chamber members,
    • Unique insurance schemes for micro businesspeople based on “a wallet for life” insurance cover
    • Discount structures for consumer goods at the various shops
    • Free will drafting for employees together with estate planning at below market rates

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