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"Recognising and rewarding ethical accountants"

SAIBA Ethically Checked is a programme used by SAIBA members to publicly showcase their commitment to ethical conduct, and get rewarded.

Ethically conscious accountants

Accountants that are ethically conscious are committed to:

  • Providing quality services at affordable prices,
  • Helping clients maximise profits in a sustainable and lawful manner.
  • Reporting financial and business results in a meaningful way that enhances economic decision making..

Ethically conscious accountants are a strong defence against state-capture, crony-capitalism and other forms of corruption.

The SAIBA Ethically Checked programme recognises firms that apply best practice by awarding a SAIBA Ethically Checked certificate. A successfuly firm may display the certificate and reference it on its letterhead and in promotional literature, to demonstrate to clients and others that the firm applies best practice ethical standards.

The principles of the programme

SAIBA Ethically Checked is based on the four basic principles:

  1. Awareness: Firms should be aware of and comply with all their ethical obligations as illustrated in the SAIBA Code of Ethics. This will include compliance with the specific requirements related to disclosures of Non-Compliance with Laws and Regulations. The Code requires a business accountant, whether in practice or employed, to take certain actions when becoming aware of a potential illegal act or one that may cause financial distress, known as non-compliance with laws and regualtions, or NOCLAR, committed by a client or employer. Examples of such illegal acts include: fraud, corruption and bribery, money laundering, tax payments, financial products and services, environmental protection, and public health and safety.
  2. Disclosure: A commitment to disclose potential non-compliance situations to management, boards or relevant authorities in certain situations, without being constrained by the ethical duty of confidentiality.
  3. Improvement: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which members remain aware and knowledgable about standards of conduct and engagement. Ethical accountants commit to CPD.
  4. Rewards: Ethically checked SAIBA members deserve to be rewarded for the effort by issuing a certificate and access to lifestyle rewards.

The SAIBA Ethically Checked Declaration and Assessment

An Ethically Checked Declaration is made annually by all SAIBA members and designation holders. This includes our students, associates, and designated members (BA(SA), CBA(SA), CFO(SA) and BAP(SA)).

The confirmation is made online within the members SAIBA profile by checking the control questions:

  • Commitment to ethical conduct
  • Awareness of ethical standards.
  • Attendance of a training events on ethics.

Confirmation made by members are subject to a risk based review. SAIBA may select any firm for a practice visit and request evidence of compliance to the confirmation provided by the member. SAIBA Ethically Checked certificates will also have to be produced should a complaint be received against the member.

A Mandatory course in ethics prepared in partnership with CIMA. This course will save you time by helping you become more familiar with the structure of the Code and with the underlying principles.

The SAIBA Ethically Checked Certificate

Once the declaration and assessment is completed the member will be issued with a SAIBA Ethically Checked Certificate. This may be shared on social media and the firm's marketing publications.

SAIBA Ethically Checked Rewards

All SAIBA ethically checked members are rewarded for their commitment to ethical conduct.

Rewards are offered by SAIBA rewards partners and include: discounts on accounting software, free access to clients, half price movies, savings on your monthly gym fees, local and international travel rewards, rewards on your groceries.

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Ethically checked

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