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"Practice management and document software that helps manage your client workflow."

SmartPractice helps you manage and monitor the completion of client services.

SmartPractice allows you to create a client, create the required services (tax and CIPC returns, monthly accounts, financial statements, and secretarial services), request outstanding information, provide client access to WIP and completed work, and monitor staff processes.

TaxSmart (powered by SmartPractice) provides a complete provisional tax submissions, with direct SARS eFiling integration, bulk CRM and submission options.

Software designed by Accountants, for Accountants

  • This ensures that our software assist accountants to better control their workflow and vastly improved communication to their clients.
  • Accurate data is the most precious and costly commodity in our industry, more so in the legislative compliance environment. In an industry with the biggest responsibility of legislative compliance, management tools to ensure compliance will vastly improving customer experience and profitability.

Managing a practice made easy

  • Software integration

    Software Integration - Software integration is a great way to combine all those databases with your billing database and to use it to perform functions not catered for in specific Accounting and Audit software.

    We also have access to the APIs of a few vendors and mainstream softwares.

  • PlanSmart

    Provides a bird’s eye view of what needs to be done, when it must be done and who within your practice is responsible for rendering the service. Track which Annual Financial Statement related service have been rendered and if not, who was responsible for rendering said service.

  • DocShareSmart

      Technology that allows your clients to access their information from anywhere, where they can stroll into your cyber office, navigate through an organised and tidy online filing cabinet and download what they require at their leisure without consuming your time and resources. 


      Keep a tidy online filing cabinet, that can easily be accessed by you and your staff anywhere, anytime! This function works hand in hand with the client portal, as the same files uploaded can be accessed by both staff and client.


      DocShareSmart reduces mundane and time consuming correspondence with your clients by standardising your communication, ensuring that a professional and accurate system generated message, reaches your clients.

  • TimeSmart

      Single, intuitive time management tool that captures time and progress on any work item, including non-project or operational work.


      Create projects, budgets and allocate staff by using this tool. Create multiple client projects - this enables you to set up a project with multiple clients that share a common task.


      This timer is primarily used for all those "Just a quick question” situation you face daily.


      Invoice, review and approve hours directly. It will automatically update on your accounting system profile. (If on an integrated profile)

  • Reporting
      Generated reports on WIP and completed work. Reporting includes:
    • All SARS submissions not filed.
    • Tax clearance applications not performed/
    • Annual Financial Statements not signed off.
    • CIPC annual reports not filed.
    • Payroll, UIF and Workmen's compensation not filed.
    • Engagement letters not issued.
    • Budget vs Actual.
    • Staff Productivity

  • DebtorSmart

    Efficiently collect outstanding debtors and enhance recovery of doubtful debt. Payment arrangements get automated through our unique agreement platform, where terms and details regarding these arrangements are confirmed via automatic emails.

  • ClientSmart

    Bulk communication that provides for different options like Entity Type, Service Category or Industry Categories. Significantly improve your communication to your clients with our bulk SMS and Email tool. Choose from a single client, groups or all your clients. Get the right message, to the right client, at the right time.

  • SecSmart

    You can keep all company records up to date, issue Share Certificates, transfers, allotments to buy backs and track all activity and all information pertaining to the share register and report on it.

    • Trust Administration Management - covering Bewind, Curatorship and Administrative Assistance trusts; you can now keep all beneficiary and trustee details readily available and up to date.
    • Meetings module - Manage all company meetings. Select a time and date and all invitees will automatically be notified of the particulars via an SMS and/or Email.

  • TaxSmart

    Easy setup, just synchronize your eFiling profile and all provisional taxpayers will be populated from the SARS platform. Your first taste of the power of our integration. Throughout all phases, multiple selections can be made to apply certain actions in bulk.

Pricing to suit the size of your firm

  • Pricing and discounts
    • Pricing is simplified and based on the number of clients that are enabled, not the number of users. The fee is calculated on a sliding scale. Please note that an additional fee will be charged for the secretarial module.
    • Training via webinar and our online support is free of charge.

Help CIBA grow the profession and reduce unemployment

  • For every 100 clients you upload to SmartPractice, R1000 is donated to the CIBA Empowerment Fund for African Accountants (EFAA).
  • This means with your help we can generate more than R500 000 in development funding.
  • With a R500 000 CIBA can develop 25 unemployed black graduates and place them in practice, earning a salary.

Yes! Give me SmartPractice

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Alternatively send an email to saiba@saiba.org.za with the subject line: "Partner name".