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"The official CIBA Proposal-to-Paid platform that streamlines accounting and tax service proposals, with automatically generated engagement letters and fee collection. "

Ignition eliminate friction by sending your clients a single smart proposal and engagement letters they can read, sign and pay in one place. That's more closed deals for you and less back and forth for everyone.

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The recommended engagement letters for all CIBA members

  • What is an engagement letter?

    Engagement letters are the contract that you sign with your client that specifies the services you will be providing, the fee, responsibiliites of each party, and other contractual provisions.

    CIBA expects its members to always provide written engagement letters to their clients. Not doing so opens the member to professional misconduct claims, risk of non-payment and potential litigation.

    Clients that require engagemen letters include:

    • Sole proprietors,
    • Partnerships,
    • Close corporations,
    • Companies,
    • Trusts,
    • Schools,
    • Co-operatives,
    • NPOs,
    • Individuals,
    • Joint ventures,
    • SOE.
  • Typical services requiring engagement letters

    All services provided by members must be agreed to with the client an presented in a written engagement letter. Typical services provided may include:

    • Bookkeeping,
    • Management accounts,
    • Cash flow projections and budgets,
    • Compilations,
    • Agreed-upon-Procedures,
    • Review,
    • Non-financial assurances,
    • Tax administration and returns,
    • Tax planning,
    • Advisory services.
    • Due diligence and compliance services.

From manual work to automation

  • Old school proposal method that looses clients
  • The process of signign up a potential client can actually be the reason why you struggle to convert prospects to clients.

    If you are still doing the following to generate proposals, you are likely loosing clients:

    1. You create ad hoc proposals that details the services you offer in Word.
    2. Sometimes, this results in embarrassing mistakes like mixing up client information.
    3. Then you manually send your proposal and a number of "just following up" emails until they sign (if they sign).
    4. Once signed, you manually create an invoice and chase payments while watching accounts receivables grow.
    5. Then the scope changes - and you have to do it all again - edit, manually sign, update your invoice & payment systems.
    6. Are you still printing, signing, scanning, mailing contracts and asking clients to do the same?.
  • The modern way to do proposals (and win clients faster)
    1. Send a proposal immediately after a call and forget about it until the money is in your bank

This is how it works

  • You get a call
    1. You get off a call with a potential client. They're excited and the details are fresh. Now is the time to send your proposal.
  • Create a proposal in 5 minutes
    1. Pull in your services and pricing from your library in a couple of clicks, automatically include your terms of service, and set your payment terms (fixed fee, recurring, pro-rata payments, anything).
    2. And because payment processing is built in, you can require bank or credit card details before your client can sign and never chase a payment again.
  • Turn your proposal into a powerful sales tool
    1. Embed a stunning PDF brochure that includes testimonials and results, your process, a visual project road map... anything that makes choosing you easy.
    2. Or choose stunning templates you can customize with a designer.
  • Automated magic
    1. Set some automated follow ups so that you can forget about this proposal until it's signed and hit send.
    2. Get notified the second your client opens the proposal.
    3. Require clients to enter payment details before signing and they'll get billed automatically on your schedule. No more chasing payments.
    4. Invoices are created in your account software and marked as paid automatically. No more double and triple checking that everyone has paid.
    5. When you send a proposal or get paid, you get automated dashboards and forecasts without dull spreadsheets.

If you're short on time or too busy growing — we'll help set you up

  • Assisted onboarding
    1. We help set up your terms and conditions, import your services for one-click access, and optimize key settings.
    2. You get access to our webinars which cover using Ignition and running a more efficient and profitable service-based business.
    3. And if you'd like to get started even faster, we offer affordable setup and training. Perfect for when you'd rather focus on billable work

Pricing to suit the size of your firm


  • Starter

    Win more business and focus on what you need to.

    $75USD per month

  • Professional

    It's like employing a dedicated admin at a fraction of the cost.

    $149USD per month

  • Scale

    Accelerate and scale your larger business.

    $375USD per month


All the Standard features Plus


  • Integrations with Quickbooks Online to automate accounts receivables
  • Zapier integration to connect with your favourite apps and automate repetitive processes

Additional with Professional

  • Workflow Integrations with Xero Practice Manager, WorkflowMax and Karbon to automate client onboarding
  • Add videos from Loom, YouTube and Vimeo to bring personality to your proposals
  • Custom branding including your company logo, custom brand colour and default brochure
  • Multiple proposal email templates for tailored customer communication
  • Invoice tracking categories  for automated invoice reporting within Xero
  • Invoice line item descriptions  for more control over your customer invoices
  • Website integration to capture qualified leads on your site with Ignition

Help CIBA grow the profession and reduce unemloyment

  • For every package you buy we make a donation to the CIBA Empowerment fund for African Accountants (EFAA).
  • That means with the help of CIBA members we can generate more than R1million in development funding.
  • With a R1million CIBA can develop 50 unemployed black graduates and place them in practice, earning a salary.

December 2020

  1. CIBA and Ignition announce partnership to ensure ethical conduct and engagement compliance for accountants - Click here to read more

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